Subway Shorts

Subway Shorts – Doomsday Clock 3

The third issue of DOOMSDAY CLOCK gives us what many were looking forward to since the series was announced – Batman and Rorschach meeting – while giving us hints of what’s to come.

Subway Shorts – Committed

The latest arc of Kill Or Be Killed kicks off with a change of scenery for Dylan, after he discovered that the Demon who’s been urging him to kill is a family legacy.

Subway Shorts – Fly Me To The Moon

It’s not always just about punching bad guys and causing destruction. Sometimes, being a superhero means showing some compassion, as the Man of Steel does in the latest issue of Superman.

Subway Shorts – Citizen Joker

The Dark Knight continues to go down a bad path as his former greatest enemy starts to gain some powerful allies in the latest issue of Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight. 

Subway Shorts – Monsters

The second issue of DC Comics’ much-anticipated maxiseries, The Doomsday Clock, brings the characters from Watchmen into the main DC Universe, bringing some light to where we’re going in the next year.

Subway Shorts – Costume Party

It’s double date night as Bruce and Selina and Clark and Lois go to the county fair and swap costumes for the night in the latest issue of Batman! Tom King’s complete deconstruction of the…