Subway Shorts

Subway Shorts – Dodge City 1

A new series from Boom! Studios takes readers back to the horrors and hi-jinx of trying to avoid getting hit in the most terrifying of gym class activities – dodgeball! – with Dodge City!

Subway Shorts – The Terrifics 1

A new team of established DC Comics characters comes together, as The Terrifics debuts in the publisher’s NEW AGE OF HEROES line coming out of Dark Nights: Metal. And you know what? It’s pretty terrific.

Subway Shorts – Super Sons 13

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne are having a typically-boring day at school in the latest issue of Super Sons when Damian’s mother – Talia al Ghul, the daughter of the Demon’s Head – arrives on…

Subway Shorts – Sideways 1

The latest debut for DC Comics’ New Age of Heroes features a teenager who can open a dimensional rift to anywhere he wants. Sideways may be the best of the new comics this line has…

Subway Shorts – Twisted Romance 1

Valentine’s Day is a time for love – or at least, desire – even between non-humans. In the first issue of the weekly Twisted Romance from Image, readers get a look at “love gone wrong”…

Subway Shorts – Incognegro: Renaissance 1

10 years after the critically acclaimed Vertigo graphic novel hit, we get a prequel, detailing the first time reporter Zane Pinchback went undercover to get a story in 1920s Harlem, in Incognegro: Renaissance.