Articles by sjferrari

Subway Shorts – Incognegro: Renaissance 1

10 years after the critically acclaimed Vertigo graphic novel hit, we get a prequel, detailing the first time reporter Zane Pinchback went undercover to get a story in 1920s Harlem, in Incognegro: Renaissance.

ARROW S6x13 – The Devil’s Greatest Trick

For weeks, hacktivist Cayden James has been terrorizing Team Arrow and Star City on the premise that Green Arrow killed his son. But things are taking a dramatic turn, as we learn who has been…

Subway Shorts – Green Arrow 37

As the trial of Oliver Queen draws closer, his half-sister Emi fights for her life after taking an arrow to the chest last issue. The latest issue of Green Arrow starts to bring everything together…

Subway Shorts – Batman: White Knight 5

The calm before the storm hits in Sean Murphy’s Gotham City opus, Batman: White Knight, with the city evolving as the former Joker, Jack Napier, continues to offer up ideas for improvement. But Batman doesn’t…

Supergirl S3x13 – Both Sides Now

In the final episode before the show goes on hiatus until April, Supergirl goes up against the second Worldkiller as Mon-El works to change the battery on the Legion time ship.

Subway Shorts – The Flash Annual 1

The Flash comic is getting in on the big event train, with the annual setting the stage for the upcoming Flash War and giving some more insight into the recently-returned original Wally West.