WTF: Comics Writer Brian Bendis to DC?!?

A comic book writer who has been synonymous with Marvel Comics throughout his career has jumped to the Distinguished Competition!

DC Comics announced in a tweet earlier today that writer Brian Michael Bendis, who was the main architect of the Ultimate Marvel universe at the turn of the 21st Century, has signed a multiyear deal with the publisher. It caused many to check their calendar to see if they had slept until April 1…

Bendis, who started as an illustrator for the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, has done notable works on The Avengers, Daredevil and Ultimate Spider-Man, while crafting universe-wide story arcs like House of M and Secret Invasion. He also created the very popular Powers comic book with Michael Avon Oeming at Image Comics, before moving the book to Marvel’s Icon imprint.

The writer didn’t let the tweet from DC sit, though, confirming it with one of his own, saying he was looking forward to some new experiences:

We’ll have to see what Bendis does with DC Comics, but surely we’ll be getting tons of announcements soon.

  • Matt_Crandeed

    Wow, that’s pretty big news, and I don’t even read comics anymore, but I know Bendis! Congrats to DC for the huge pick up.

    • Or condolences, depending on how you view Bendis…

      I’ve read a couple of his Marvel event stories and for the most part I loved POWERS. Really not sure how he’d fit at DC…

  • Casual_Kenny_Reigns

    Huh, interesting. I’m sorry, bro. I hope he stays away from Superman at least.

    • Yeah, I doubt it. I’m guessing he doesn’t do anything within the main universe – specials and whatnot, maybe even a couple Vertigo series, since the imprint is rebooting in January.

      Should be good for sales, but whenever DC imports a big Marvel name, they never entrust them with much of anything in terms of in-continuity stuff.

      • I may take a look at some past Marvel-to-DC big signings later this week if I get the chance…

        • Casual_Kenny_Reigns

          That would be a pretty great article.

  • Tranquilo Baby Tranquilo

    Bendis did the one thing that even Chuck Austen couldn’t do. Got me to stop reading Avengers.

  • Tranquilo Baby Tranquilo

    Good lord, how long is that shirt he’s wearing?

    • Some button-down shirts are designed to be worn untucked… that is not one of them. Either that, or he mistakenly bought an XLT shirt for tall people.

      • Tranquilo Baby Tranquilo

        That’s like down to his knees! Looks like a nightshirt!