WTF: Working On A Meme

When something goes viral on the internet, it makes sense to capitalize on it with some merchandise. It may lose some effectiveness after a few years though. I guess we’re testing that theory out this week…

When PREVIEWS releases its list of comic book releases every week, it also releases a list of comic/cartoon/movie-based toys, books, magazines and apparel. As I was browsing this week’s list of releases, I came across this gem:

For the uninitiated, this shirt is based on the YouTube video of He-Man’s alter-ego Prince Adam belting out the Four Non-Blondes hit, “What’s Going On.” Yes, it exists.

According to YouTube, that video is at least five years old. The shirt is being produced by Freeze CMI, an apparel manufacturer based out of New York City and is available in small to 2XL, according to the Previews website.

Who knows, maybe this will spark a resurgence of the meme. We could all probably do with some more Prince Adam in our lives.

  • I’ve never seen that meme before.

  • Devin Harris

    Never heard of it either but I chuckled

  • Stranger In the Alps

    When do we get an Aquaman shirt that says “I Talk to Fish”?

  • TatR!

    My god that’s a niche t-shirt. So sorry for wrestling talk, but the most niche is probably those t-shirts that were made based on lines from Tony schiavonie’s podcast.

    • Every time they talk about the shirts on the podcast, I cringe a little. They’re all so terrible.

  • Diddly

    Usually, meme merchandise is embarrassing. This one isn’t too bad.

    Here is the worst corporatization of memes I’ve ever seen, with bonus extremely ugly people:

  • Matt_InGeeked

    God, that’s the best.